Sunday, January 13, 2013

Clean Eating

Starting tomorrow. For 1 month! Until Valentine's Day... then we will treat ourselves to a nice Valentine's dinner - probably take out from somewhere after the kids go to sleep ha! Levi and I will be doing mainly fruits, veggies, healthy snacks like nuts, cheese, yogurt, dark chocolate is allowed ;)... Really just healthy foods instead of the junk I have become acquired to aka McDonald's, EasyMac, cookies!!!, etc. Yeah. And I just made 2 dozen Andes cookies last night. So sad. Levi will be taking the rest to work tomorrow :) I was going to call it a detox diet, but it's really nothing like some of those detoxes on the market/Pinterest. This is my way of detoxing from all the crap, though.

I need a big change. An all-around change. And I'm starting to make it happen. I'm getting the house organized, I'm working out... and I feel great! I don't know what it was - probably a combination of stress, life changes, and crazy kids (love them) - but the last part of 2012 was not super great. I'm determined to make this whole year much better! I'm going to be better. I need it.

It's funny because I've never really been into the whole "New Year Resolution" thing in the past. I figured out a long time ago that I usually just do what I do and keep it that way. Well, it caught up with me ;) Who I was being was not cutting it. It's time for a change, and what better time to start than now? A new, fresh year with an encouraging future!

So, who's with me?? No real rules to this diet. I do call it a diet since it is a particular selection of  food - that  you can determine or bend from mine - and really a diet is just the food you consume. Like, my diet these last few months has been horrible! I would love some more healthy suggestions and ideas for meals and snacks!

My kids aren't going completely "clean" with us. We will have much healthier food in the house and will get a bunch of it, but Lucas still loves his mac and cheese and 'quitos'. And, let's face it, after a long day at work with all of us tired, it's much easier to throw a taquito in the microwave instead of cooking up a whole meal. There's chicken, and cheese, and tortilla....? The kids eat pretty healthy at daycare, so I'm not worried about them yet ;) One step at a time.

Random insert - I will be adding cinnamon supplements as well. I can't believe the benefits cinnamon has! Lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, anti-bacterial, brain function, a source of fiber, iron, and calcium. I would also love to know if there are any supplements you swear by! I've been looking into CoenzymeQ-10... opinions??

Well, good luck to us! Let's make this a great year!!


  1. I had no idea cinnamon was that healthy!!!

  2. We've been trying to eat healthier too! One thing that really helps me is to make a weekly menu and then do oneto shopping trip for the ingredients . That way I have what I need and don't have to run to the store in order to make dinner. I look at my menu in the morning so I know if I need to thaw meat or whatever. If we don't feel like eating what I wrote down for that particular day, I switch to something else from the menu - just juggle the days around!